Sunday, November 21, 2010


Thanks for reading. I'll write when I want. Sorry for not having such a good stuff to read and cool picture to view. Unlike other's blog. Sayonara.

With love,
Chibi Chan

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I could not reach . I am weak

Suddenly this thought crept into my mind.
How I am so weak because I could not help people I love when they were in difficulties.
This morning, he told me something bout his work, but I just can texting him good words.
Deep in my heart, I wish I could help him.
All I can do is pray, until now.

This is not the first time, I could not help people I love.
Two days ago, my sister texted me, asking to topup her.
She has final exam now, and sometimes I understand how depressed it could be.
Especially when it regarded the subject we hate most, the subject that always made our confident falling down into pieces.
I understand it well, I was there before.
I know, she needs people to talk,
but I couldn't do anything as I myself out of credit.

Throughout this year, everyday and time is difficult for Mama.
However again, I just have my eyes to see, my ears to listen and my hand to write down all the pain inside.
I couldn't do anything.

There are certain place and time I couldn't reach.
This reality made me scared.
This fact sometimes turn me into a little girl who is really2 afraid.
Where's the light, I ask.


Rasulullah saw. dalam sabdanya:

"Maukah aku beritahukan kepadamu suatu senjata yang dapat melindungimu dari kejahatan musuh dan agar rezekimu bertambah?" Mereka berkata, "Tentu saja wahai Rasulullah." Beliau bersabda, "Serulah Tuhanmu siang dan malam, karena 'doa' itu merupakan senjata bagi orang yang beriman."

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Picca 1# Akmal!!!!!!! Amboi3~ buli teacher!

Picca 2# Teruna macho 4M6 [uhuk3 terbatuk-batuk]Efan.. chumelnye die~~~

Picca 3# Gadis2 ayu 4m6~ haa teacher nampak beg teacher disitu!

Picca 4# girlfriends and boyfriends! Teenage dream!

Picca 5# Potret K.A.M.I.

First time I entered this class,
Asyraf asked me:
"Teacher, nak kerusi tak to write on the blackboard~"
And most of the students laughed that time.
I'm mad? A bit~ but maintain cool... and cute.

4M6~ I heard lotsa story about this class.
But the truth is, you all are super nice, fun and funny!

I will never forget;

When Efann looked through the window and said to me "Pandangan kosong~" and when he studied hard, i love to see him study.
Asyraf who always bullies Akmal
Akmal who sometimes blurred~ ish3..ape sangat la dok pikir tu
Faiz~ i think he's macho and gentleman
Arif! I thinks he's good in English, always get correct answer when guessing~ cute!
Aiman~ the handsome boy, made in Kelantan
Ikmal the sweetest good boy and always study with Nadia~aww cute couple!
Afyqa, the name that is the hardest one for me. But now well-stuck in my brain.
Jumailah, si hitam manis!
Zafirah who I always confused with Zafiera, but Zafirah is louder and Zafiera is really quiet.
Anis Athifah, i think she's beautiful ^_^v
Jamal! the smallest guy and cute sangaaat!
Hui Min and Hui Chi, i love their names!
Shuang Yin i love her smile!
Wan Thing~ i remember her first because of ONE THING ^_^
Amiruddin, the one that reminds me of my sister.. I dunno why but they have similarities!
[except for gender la =p]
Sharwind, the most polite and I will never forget how you act as crouch~
Subhaa~ the best class monitor!
Yoga~ the pretty one
Parames~ the quiet one~ i always wanna hear her voice
Swetha~ I really surprised that she can play that indian instrument! Wish to see it by myself.
Rubinei~ the loudest one.. I always wonder what she talkin bout~
Rashidah~ The best Lord Septic!
Nadzirah, the smallest and cutest one!
Aqmaliah~ another quiet one~ huhu
Huda~ at first I'm a bit scared of her, she seems tough, but very kind-hearted.
Miera~ the most cooperative student! Her smile is sweet too!
Santosh~ I think he's handsome and can be a good soccer player.
Pavin~ the most hardworking detective for "who kill miss tina?" and I will never forget when signing you Red Book~ Naughty huh~
Mugilan~ the cute one! the one that figure out the killer of Miss Tina, even though he just look and listen~ cool. I also remember how he really loves to keep his food under his table. hehe.
and dearest Puni~ hurm, even though already 'digantung' but he never ponteng my class. I miss him.

I love you all! [H.U.G.S!]

p/s: if teacher tertinggal nama, please tell me at comment yah! love100x!


First step to their classroom,
both palms cold, spine shivered.
Telling myself; "I am a teacher, older than them, don't worry, chaiyok!"
Eyes on me, unbelievable, how this little girl could be our teacher?

Just like me and I love them!

Dearest 4M3 students, i will never forget you.
All the funniest and most fun things we do together.

When, Nas become Tok Ketua Orang Asli for the first debate and dictionary guy,
Adhwa guessed 'Gerunds' as 'Resdung'.
Nabil promote his shampoo dengan membelai rambut ala2 model shampoo terkenal.
Kok Fu who always ask me "Teacher, may I ponteng?".
Jia Jung who said wanna go to toilet but I saw him at canteen with a girl.
Raizat who looks like a gangster but a prefect.
Adam with his innocent face [cute!!!!] and his magic trick ala2 cyril tanah melayu.
Rajan who always ask me lots of questions.
Hai Yang always adorable.
Hang Min, Dick Tsen and Wei Xiang sleep..sleep..sleep.
Fikri with confused face.
Zheng Yao, who looks very naughty at first but he's cute especially when people tickle him.
Wei Han always a good boy.
Hafizul who always my favourite to answer question or do something.
Zhi Ping looks like a younger brother
Boon Hao reminds me of Harry Potter
Yong Yik the sopan santun guy.
Farhan who always remind me of my dearest person in my heart.

Anis, the best class monitor
Wani ShiNee and Korean Freakz!!
Hamizah, i think she's cool.
Fitrah artistic and pictures maniac.
Chu Wen, soft spoken and sweet, wish to listen to you more.
Shu Qi, future business woman [i'll definitely buy shoes from you honey!]
Shun Qin always the cleverest but sometimes I'm a bit afraid with her because she looks serious.
[hehehe~ ^_^]
Aida who sometimes look quite garang during discussion and debate..hehe.
Ana the smallest and i know her secret..hehehe!
Atikah the most quiet one but on the last day I heard she laugh~ unforgettable moment!
Sree who looks tired during exam but fresh on my last day.
Fasiha and Huda, always look like twins! and love to sleep too.. sleeping beauties!

Photo 1# Control Macho

Photo 2# Buat2 Chumel [yay! Farhan senyum!]

Photo 3# Potret K.A.M.I

Photo 4# Ana dengan khusyuk dan tekun cuba mencari tanda HALAL di Twisties, manakala Hamizah ingin memasukkan F&N ke dalam beg petak2 nye. GOTCHA!

Photo 5# Hamizah dan model Twisties Mesti Mau yang laen Sree & Huda.

Photo 6# Inilah suspek2 yang menyeludup Apollo dan Twisties terbanyak ke Korea.

Photo 7# Wajah kagum teacher chibi melihat magic trick Adam Cyril Tanah Melayu, Thanks Adam for the Queen Heart Card, i'll treasure it forever. ^_^

[Pictures Credited to Amy]

Friday, October 8, 2010

could this be in news straits time next week?

[next maxis model; stay connected with smile]

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Picnic Passion with Mademoiselle Mas

I was having a great ORANGE PICNIC!

When I miss home,
She's the one who brings me pieces of home.
How can I resist the sweet sour spicy, home made Asam Pedas Kerisi.
And though I hate tempe~ out of blue, Sambal Tempe suits my appetite excellently.
Picnic, is a perfect homesickiscape for chibi.

[okay chibi, enough~]

Oh well, oh well... This semester I got an unofficial roommate cik Mas!
LOVE having her with me through out this tornado kind of life.
Thanks to her mama, always preparing great food!!
Marvelously, chibi finished all the tempe!
[Finally, I eat TEMPE... Bravo Chibi!]
See nothing is impossible.

While having our picnic, taking few pictures with my humble
DigiSnapperz a.k.a my camera
We finally noticed that many of UTM students
love photography.
They bring those big humongous super lense camera
['s DSLR =P]
snap here, snap there, snap trees, snap fishies
they even bring their own model!
wohohoho~ PASSION!

Then Mas said, "I really wanna do something with passion, something I enjoy and I could be with people who love it too."
Like me, I love strummin and snappin picca
Mas? Extreme outdoor act. Cool!

Passion could be on anythin` and you should always shout to yourself;
"Go for it! You can do it! Break the rules and Rejoice your passion!''

Why limit our limited edition self in this unlimited life?!
[but remember don't cross the border of religion and moral]


girls need fiesta sometimes!

In a wild way? Mama will straight away get on board AirAsia to cane me =p
Anyway fiesta and festivals are what me enjoyed now.
Give me fresh air [more to the yummy smells of food!]
Amazing scenery and different view of cultural.
I always amaze how they could organize such a great event.
I guess our vice chancellor is happy to those innovative and creative minds.

Convo Fiesta and Lantern Festival

"They meet here and now they're here together"